University of Lille, France

Keynote Title: "Evaluating the uses of digital technologies at school: what perspectives for research and practitioners?"

Dr. Abderrhmane LAHLOU

ABWAB Consultants, CIFIPE Teacher Training and Development Center, Morocco

Keynote Title: "Constructive alignment : Objectives- Teaching- Assessment"

Dr. Jean-Michel RIGO

Hasselt University, Belgium

Keynote Title: "Evaluation of learning and teaching, CORETEV Erasmus+ project as example between past, present & future"

Dr. Jean-Luc GILLES

University of Teacher Education, State of Vaud, Lausanne, Switzerland

Keynote Title: "Effective Assessments Processes in Higher Education: Perspectives Offered by the Application of Quality Cycles to the Evaluation Levels of Kirkpatrick's Model and their Instrumentation Using Online Platforms"