The mission of the Center for Learning Technologies is to promote excellence and innovation in teaching and learning.

That is

providing both AUI faculty and students with the needed technological support to ensure the highest quality of teaching and learning takes place throughout the University.

To achieve this mission, CLT provides services, information, and programs to AUI faculty, instructors, and students for the :

  • Support to faculty and instructors in their use of new technologies and maximize their potential for Teaching and Learning
  • Dissemination of best practices in teaching and learning
  • Promote effective use of innovative instructional technologies to enhance teaching and learning
  • Support course development and production
  • Research, evaluation, demonstration, and integration of appropriate learning tools and techniques through consultation on teaching
  • Promote distance learning (e-learning, MOOCs, mobile learning, etc..)
  • Promote faculty innovation and pedagogical research

Dr. Hassane Darhmaoui

Coordinator of the Center for Learning Technologies

Phone: +212 53586 2141


Mr. Abdelhadi El-Hamdi

Education Technology Assistant

Phone: +212 53586 2878


Mr. Ali Idrissi

Instructional Designer engineer (Project contracted)

Phone : +212665855156


Mr. Lahmine Soufiane

Instructional Designer engineer (Project contracted)

Phone: +212 666067211


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